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I keep dangerously falling for you.
i can't  
29 12 35 - Friends ♡nly
RYUHEI||shades of cool


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08 07 08 - Blogcrews
RYUHEI||shades of cool
Sorry, ignore this post. These are just my claims from blogcrews. xDD I needed them to move somewhere because I'm trying to clean my profile. (-_-) Gomen nasai!

There"s not much...because I don"t claim alot....Collapse )
13 03 08 - Awards
RYUHEI||shades of cool
I should join more contests to win more awards. xDD

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11 02 08 - RESOURCES
RYUHEI||shades of cool
Hmmm. I should do a resource post thingy too. xDD Hahahahaha. OKAY! Here I go!

The list seems to be adding on....Collapse )
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