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I keep dangerously falling for you.
08 07 08
RYUHEI||shades of cool
Sorry, ignore this post. These are just my claims from blogcrews. xDD I needed them to move somewhere because I'm trying to clean my profile. (-_-) Gomen nasai!

I dated "Hiroto" on Valentine's Day 2008.☆彡

MY OTP BLOG CREW "aoi x kenzo"
MY OTP BLOG CREW "mao x aki"

*Aki* makes my SUN shine bright~

Back off biotch! Hiroto's pants belongs to me!♥♥♥

like a Lion like a Lamb Hiroto & Akiss can kick both their asses

"Oohh... making hot, passionate sex with "Akiss" everyday is wearing me out. Another round won't hurt ne?

"Akiss" is the perfect epitome of Sex.

Shou & Akiss makes my go DOKI DOKI

DAMN! I would l-o-v-e to be{Mao of SID, Mao of Sadie, Takeru, Yuuki of UnsraW and Aoi of ayabie}'sMircophone!

||Hiroto|| can't take his ♥HANDS♥ xxxoff of me!!xxx

i had a hot three-way with ››Hiroto‹‹ & ››Akiss‹‹, and I got it on tape, damn i'm lucky

¬::: Akiss wants to melt me cruelly with his Honey Fingers:::¬

※「Mao, Aki & Hiroto」※ Kills me softly with his SONG

LOVE ADDICTION Photobucket Mao [SID]

¦¦ I'm ¤ DAZZELED ¤ by Hiroto's SWEET SMILE----->>> <<<---- ¦¦

You alone are special, therefore,
I'll do anything you say

º|||AKISS|||º wants to » DANCE « with me under the ¤ MIRRORBALL. ¤

Kenzo andKalia
cuddling in the rain

While out with our friends, I called {Aki} his personal pet name I gave him :
and all that
{Aki} could do was BLUSH!

[Akiss] + [Nao]
cosmic LOVE

¦» ×Akiss× caught me staring and gave me a wink! «¦

« [Hiroto]'s Official Stalker~♥»

Akiss is my sexy sexy lover and there's no other.

stay away from {Akiss} or else ill go NINJA BITCH on your ass

I kissed →{Akiss & Hiroto}← And I liked it~

❤❤ I don't care how many people you're allowing me to claim...
I only want
ONE and that's Akiss ❤❤

Akiss + Hiroto + jrockstar = My OT3

I need Akiss' kiss like the ocean needs a breeze

I M I N D - R A P E think about Akiss all the time, and they K N O W they it!

Akissis so hot he melts the elastic in my underwear

I only want
kisses from [Akiss]

yes Akiss
Don't sell your
Don't say we're not meant to be,
~˜º Run, baby, run, forever will be, Akiss and me.~˜º

シド & アリス九號.
I'm melting in your eyes

眩暈[MEMAI] - シドIS OUR SONG, Akiss.

Akiss and I are always looking at the same sky...
☆♥ Someday we'll find each other. ♥☆

Akiss & Hiroto
I want to be your precious girl

JRockStar』 →
It doesn't matter what they say,
because I will love you forever.

→ 『Akiss』

I treasure Akiss's heart~~

Setoji, you have got to be the ◊finest◊ thing in history

¤ Setoji, your smile is all I need to brighten up my day. ¤

Akiss's body is a

My milkshakε brings all the boys in the yard.
But I just want my
»Akiss« baby,
you can have the rest of them.


[ Akiss ]: I'm invisible.

Me: Really?

[ Akiss ]: Can you see me?

Me: Of course!

[ Akiss ]: How about tomorrow night?

Is My Little Star

I can't go on without Akiss
Alone in the rain

I've opened up the door to my heart
Akiss is an umbrella above my head

I wanna ~
I wanna touch →{ Akiss }←
Akiss wants to touch me too. ~

Sorry, but this heart is locked...
and only hiroto has the ♡ KEY ♡

k a l i a x h i r o t o

I've claimed Hiroto's teeth at a9_claim.

{ f_i_x_m_e
is the coolest person I've met on LJ so far and I'm glad to have her as a friend! I♥U2 You'll always be my perverted rapist. I love you that much! :DDD Even if our friendship's drifting apart, I'm glad to have had that friendship with you. You're a great person and if no one sees that, they're A LOSER! aha~n Thank you for everything. }

{♡ Kim Jonghyun ♡}
I can say I'm happy now
Just having you by my side

22 11 08 (UTC)
wah i'm jealous when i tried to put my blogcrew's behind a ljcut it all went wrong*typical*
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